About Us

Meet the Builder

Mark R. Hammond II

Forever Built Homes LLC was founded by Mark R. Hammond II in 2013. However, Mark is not new to the construction way of life. Mark has been around construction sites from the age of 12. Working alongside his Dad he first started by learning how to hang and finish drywall in the family business. Family is where it all starts with Mark. Mark has a beautiful, caring wife, Allison and an amazing son, Owen.
Along with Forever Built Homes LLC Mark owns Drywallers Unlimited LLC and Forever Built Rentals LLC. He is a proud member of the Home Builders Association of Saginaw since 2010. Mark is known for his hard work and dedication to quality. Working with the best local sub-contractors and suppliers is just one of the ways Mark shows that he cares about the community. Helping to keep jobs local is very important to him.

It has always been Mark’s belief that whatever you decide to do in life, you should do it to the best of your abilities. You’re setting an example and someone is always watching. He has carried that same attitude from his drywall company into building.

“I believe in doing what is right, every time. No cutting corners to make a quick buck. We believe that when a client chooses to build with us they are choosing more than just a new home. They are also paying for the wonderful, exciting experience that should come with the building of there new home. We strive to exceed every expectation. After all buying a home is the biggest investment a person or couple can make!”

Mark believes that what separates him from other builders is his imagination, attention to detail, creativity and the drive to be the best. To never settle and just go along with status quo and never fall victim to the reason that something is done because ‘It’s always been done that way’. Always striving to improve and learn is what drove Mark to get his builders license in the first place.”

“Quality, Character, Integrity, Pride….It’s What Defines Us!”