No. We work with many developers and can help you to acquire the piece of property in which you would like your new home built. In fact most banks will allow you to package both the land and home mortgage together in the same loan.
Absolutely not. In fact you may only be required to put down as little as 5% with some of the banks we work with. Also don’t forget that if you own a piece of property already you can use that as part of your down payment.
We love to help in the drafting/design process. Working with our drafters we can custom design your ideas into the floor plan of your dreams. With the design/build process done by us you can expect better communication and final results as opposed to having to work with a separate architect and builder.
Always. With a simple change order you can make whatever changes you would like. After the contract is signed don’t feel like everything is set in stone. We want you to be happy not only when you first move in but for the many years to come that you live in your home.
Definitely. We build during all months of the year. During the winter months we take the necessary steps to make sure your home is still built with the same quality as a home built during the spring, summer and fall.
Every home has a slightly different time frame from start to finish because every home is slightly different. However most homes under 2,000 square feet can be built under 4-1/2 months from the time ground is broke.
Many reasons. The first is we take a tremendous amount of pride in our work from the first consultation to well after you move into your home. We demand that same attitude from our suppliers and sub-contractors. Building every home as if it were our own. Treating everyone as we like to be treated. We try to be as honest, fair, up front and transparent as possible. We don’t like to surprise our clients with the unknown. This is not a hobby to us. We truly care about you the customer. We do not build houses, we build homes. To us there is a difference. Houses are built by a builder that is doing it for the paycheck. Homes are built by a builder who cares about more than that. That is why every home we build is a reflection of our motto, “Quality, Character, Integrity, Pride…It’s What Defines Us!”